Thursday, 20 December 2012

Having it all? We can if we help each other

We’re constantly told we can’t have it all and this puts many women off going for top jobs. Most of us believe that happiness involves a balanced life with time for family, friends – and a career as well.

I have been a senior woman for a long time and though I'm very proud of what I have achieved, I had to work it all out for myself. I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this and that this lack of a 'map' and role models are two of the main reasons more women don't make it on to boards and to the very top jobs in business.

 We need to juggle many elements in our lives to achieve this balance and the more help we can get from those who have walked in our shoes, the more likely we are to succeed. If we want more women in top jobs we need to make sure we help each other more.

I am fed up with the idea that you have to choose between being a good business woman at board level and have friends, a good partnership and children. I won't tempt fate by saying I have discovered the holy grail of 'how to have it all' - whatever that means, but I hope that my experiences might inspire and help other people women to stay the course without feeling they must make a stark choice between life as a tough handbag-toting boardroom harridan or as a hippie earth mother.

This blog will focus on some of the areas where I believe we can either change our thinking, perspective or behaviour. I've focussed mainly on practical things that I wish I had known when I was younger. I hope you will share your own experiences and insight - the more we help each other the better.

I'm passionate about women staying in the workplace right to the very top. I've worked for the past twenty five years in PR - and for the past six I've been a CEO. I made it through the glass ceiling and lived to tell the tale and I hope you'll find something you're interested in, that helps you - or just something that makes you laugh.