Monday, 31 March 2014

The Woman in Seat 64K

Many senior women need to travel as business becomes increasingly global. We need to travel as comfortably as possible arriving safely at our destination ready to work looking smart and groomed and well prepared for the meetings ahead.  If you gaze enviously around the cabin at the smug guys dressed in their matching blue shirts, chinos, suit jacket slinging only a largish briefcase with clean pants and shirts into the overhead locker do not despair.  I have discovered through hard won experience that you can do this too.  Well one cabin bag, a laptop bag and a handbag anyway for a week's trip. 

Women travelling on business have some particular challenges.  If you're  travelling alone as I usually do then you need lightweight luggage that is easy to maneouvre around airports and train stations. I try to avoid checking luggage if at all possible.  This stems from a very bad experience ten years ago when the airline lost my bag contaning all my clothes for a week's conference in a remote part of upstate New York.  I arrived in the clothes I had travelled in and the bag was never found.  So I have learned to become the queen of the capsule wardrobe and finally have conquered the last bastion - getting two week's cosmetics in a carry on liquids bag.

I hope you find some of these tips useful.

And here's the first one -  Seat 64K.  If you're lucky enough to travel Business Class British Airways on a 747-400 (the Jumbo Jet) which they use of many of their long haul flights this is the best seat on the plane.  The upper deck is quieter, this seat has storage space under the window and you don't have to climb over anyone's legs when they're asleep if you need the bathroom.  Oh and you're closest to the steps when it comes to disembark.

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